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Bug#391358: discover1: corrupted output or internal file names; can't open file <ctrl seq> for reading!)

You can close this bug, since it now works:

om:~# /etc/init.d/discover start
Detecting hardware...Discovered hardware for these modules: i2c_sis630
sis900 ne2k_pci sis5513 siimage snd_intel8x0 ohci_hcd
* Skipping unavailable/built-in i2c_sis630 module.
* Skipping already loaded module sis900.
* Skipping already loaded module ne2k_pci.
* Skipping unavailable/built-in sis5513 module.
* Skipping unavailable/built-in siimage module.
* Skipping already loaded module snd_intel8x0.
* Skipping already loaded module ohci_hcd.

When run there are *red* asterisks displayed at the beginning. Maybe the
bug was due to something not parsing the control sequence for those red
asterisks properly?

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