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Bug#392764: Can't reproduce on PowerStack, MAC partition issue only?

On Sunday 21 January 2007 19:58, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
> I haven't seen any failure, which suggests that the problem only shows
> up on MAC partition types (the PowerStack uses PC-style partitions).

That corresponds to Sven's findings.

> Sorry, but it looks like I don't have the hardware to track this down,

According to Sven, it should be possible to create a MAC partition table 
for testing, even if an MSDOS table is normally used. I have no idea if 
this is true or what risks that may bring.

If you want to give this a go, installing in expert mode will allow you to 
select the type of partition table when you select a disk in partman.

> HTH anyway,

Yes, thanks for taking the trouble to look into this.

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