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Re: Debian has failed us

> Right about now, I'm expecting several people to chime in "we've fixed
> the problem already on our installers, and you're an idiot, just go here
> to get it".  I, and probably most of humanity with a job and a life,
> don't have time to dig through the entire website.  When we see a link
> on the front page of the Debian website that says "click here to
> download testing iso's", we expect it to be exactly that.  Again, it may
> not be your fault, but it's your problem.

...which actually explains why Debian etch is not released, indeed.

Without any intent to point fingers at you, Matthew, some hints were
given in this thread about the failure you're experiencing.

You're trying the weekly builds of the Debian CDs. These weekly builds
are based in the D-I RC1 release which is faulty with regard to the
feature you're expecting, as far as I hear that.

The team members who are more in technical stuf than me have explained
that daily builds of D-I, available from the team development pages
(http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer) use the 2.6.18 kernel
series and are likely to solve out this problem.

For sure, I understand it's harder to get into it as these images are
available only on the development pages (this is on purpose: we don't
want regular users to believe that this is a full release of Debian)
and therefore it's frustrating.

We're talking about software under development, here. You can't expect
to avoid soem personal investment when choosing to use under
development software and certainly can't expect to have everything run
like a charm, especially with very special hardware like the one you
described in the mail that started this thread.

If that can be done with your business goals, this seem to mean that
the unstable Debian development versions do not fit your needs. Do you
have evidence of other moments in Debian history where such support
for complex hardware could have been achieved with bleeding edge
architectures like yours?

Actually, it's equally frustrating for all of us that we *can't*
release a new D-I despite the team plan to release RC2 a few weeks
after RC1. 

We can't do this because the 2.6.18 kernel is not in testing.

This kernel is not in testing because of RC issues about it, none of
which under any kind of control of the D-I contributors (except maybe
the people who both work in the D-I and kernel teams).

We all regret this situation and the delay for the release of Etch
but, actually, as a longstanding outsider in what people consider as
personal issue belonging to Sven Luther and some contributors of the
D-I team, including Frans, I see no evidence at all that both issues
are related.

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