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Bug#406911: user-setup: last set of bugfixes stops passwd/make-user=false from working

On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 01:53:41AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 15 January 2007 00:55, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > this all worked happily, until about three days ago.
> I have absolutely no explanation for that.
> The last upload of user setup was:
> [2006-11-30] Accepted 1.8 in unstable (low) (Frans Pop)
> And I don't think there have been any other relevant uploads recently 
> either. So, you tell us what's changed since then...


> Please send (or better: analyze yourself) a debug log (i.e. with 'set -x' 
> added) of /usr/bin/user-setup-ask.
 heya frans, thanks for responding.

 i have changed the settings to this:

 user-setup      passwd/make-user boolean false
 user-setup      passwd/root-login       boolean true
 user-setup      passwd/root-password-crypted    string !EMPTY!
 user-setup      passwd/root-password    string
 user-setup      passwd/root-password-again      string

 and i think i am getting somewhere.  at the moment, root-password-again
 is being ignored.

 the existing settings have d-i passwd/make-user .... and
 passwd passwd/make-user - i don't know if that makes any difference.

 hey i don't mind or care as long as it works :)


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