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Bug#406735: installation report: HP Workstation Model 712/60

reassign 406735 hw-detect
retitle 406735 hp-bus scsi modules should be loaded in initrd
tags 406735 + pending

On Saturday 13 January 2007 15:26, root wrote:
> Problem 1:
> The installation seemed to halt after 95% was installed. The latest
> message was "Installed update-inetd". After that the install did not
> proceed. I waited for more than 15 minutes during which the
> progress-indicator stayed at 95%. I finally killed the aptitude process
> and the installer proceeded.

I think you installed from a full CD images, using only the CD?
In that case this issue should be fixed with later versions of the 

> Problem 2:
> The first boot resulted in "Waiting for root file system". After some
> time I got a busybox-shell. According to /proc/modules only ide_generic
> and ide_core were loaded and the root filesystem which was located on a
> scsi-disk was of course not available. I manually loaded the lasi700
> module and exited the shell. The machine then booted normally to its
> login prompt.

You can solve this by adding the module in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules 
and regenerating the initrd (using 'update-initramfs'). I'm making a 
change in the installer that will make the installer take care of this 
for future installs.

Currently the scsi modules for hp-bus devices are added in /etc/modules, 
but that is too late for booting if an initrd is being used.


P.S. Please don't use a "root" mail address when sending mails to Debian. 
They are filtered out and never reach the mailing lists. I only saw your 
report by accident.

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