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Bug#405737: Installation report : etch(daily build 20070103-21:52 ) installgui fails on i810

Frans Pop wrote:
reassign 405737 cdebconf-gtk-udeb
retitle 405737 G-I does not support some i810 graphics cards

On Sunday 07 January 2007 15:03, Roy Francis wrote:

If  I simply insmod a precompiled i810fb.ko, will it work ?

I've been testing a bit with that, but at least on my laptop (which seems to need intelfb) I could not get it to work. First I got a conflict with the vesafb driver, but even after compiling a custom kernel I could not get anything useful. I'm not sure that directfb currently even supports other framebuffer drivers.

Of course it does (and when a hw-specific fb device is available, complex graphical application get a boost over using non-accelerated universal vesafb)

Yes ! it is giving a textual interface.

Thanks for confirming that. At least we now know that it does not actually fail to start the installer anymore, but falls back in a nice way.

Sorry the graphical interface does not work for your system. We can hopefully resolve that for the next Debian release (Lenny).

Since i810 isn't simply supported by vesafb, a way out for this could be providing i810fb module in the installer/ in the kernel and loading it at boot time when i810 chip is detected.


Note to developers: please leave this BR with cdebconf-gtk-udeb. I'd like to have at least one bug report there to document this issue.
A similar report is #400898.

Yep, that's the BR that pointed out that we had to provide a graceful fallback to NEWT for those cases where vesafb couldn't be started.



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