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Bug#396109: localechooser: Please include English "translations" for shortlists

tags 396109 + pending

I've committed a patch that changes the way shortlists are generated.

The shortlists now look like this (not-so-random example) :
Template: countrychooser/shortlist-nl
Type: select
Default: NL
Choices-C: BE, NL, other
Choices: Belgium, Netherlands, other
Choices-nl.UTF-8: België, Nederland, Andere
Description: Choose a country, territory or area:
 Based on your language, you are probably located in one of these
 countries or regions.
Description-nl.UTF-8: Waar bevindt dit systeem zich?
 Afgaande op de gekozen taal bevindt u zich waarschijnlijk in een van
 deze plaatsen.

This used to be (changed lines only):
Default-nl.UTF-8: NL
Choices: BE, NL, other
Choices-nl.UTF-8: België, Nederland, Andere

Using the Choices-C: field for the country codes and adding the country 
names in English in Choices: means that cdebconf can always fall back to 
the English description.
Having the Default as a general field rather than language-specific means 
that it will be used in all cases (as it should).

The patch has been tested, approved and committed. The increase in size of 
the udeb is negligible and I've done a complete diff between contents of 
old and new udebs to check there were no weird changes.

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