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Bug#396116: #396116 localechooser: Please set English as fallback language for floppy installations

tags 396116 - patch

Well, the pending tag never made it, but that turns out to be OK as this 
solution does not work anyway: cdebconf uses debian-installer/locale to 
determine which translation is used, and not debian-installer/language.

The real solution is to change all templates that use codes in choices 
lists so that they set those codes in the Choices-C: field with the 
English descriptions in the Choices: field. That way they will always be 
available (and we can also get rid of "English PO files").

For keymap selection this will need to be implemented in console-data.

Leaving this BR against localechooser for now as a reminder to do a proper 
inventory after Etch and create patches for the relevant packages.

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