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Bug#405364: installation-report: does not detect tg3 NIC on Dell Optiplex 745

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 23:11, Scott Barker wrote:
> Booting the hd-media image (rc1 and daily build for Jan 2, 2007), the
> tg3 NIC on the Dell Optiplex 745 was not detected. Also, the netinst CD
> install (rc1) did not detect the NIC. (Note that Mandriva 2007
> recognized the NIC as a tg3, and worked fine).

Looking at the PCI information included in your report, I only see the NIC 
with PCI ID [8086:100e], which needs the e1000 driver (which seems to be 
correctly loaded).

Could you please install the pciutils package and provide the output 
of 'lspci -nn'? Which of the devices listed there is the tg3 NIC?


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