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Bug#406620: R: Bug#406620: Installation-report

I am absolutely sure i did NOT select expert install. 

I simply pressed enter after looking at the F2 and F£ hepl pages as to which install methods were available... :/
I did not get questions about root password and neither have i been asked to create a user account (which i expected to happen) 

If you need something else please let me know :) 


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Da: Frans Pop [mailto:elendil@planet.nl] 
Inviato: venerdì 12 gennaio 2007 15.59
A: Benelli Luca; 406620-done@bugs.debian.org
Oggetto: Re: Bug#406620: Installation-report

On Friday 12 January 2007 12:45, Benelli Luca wrote:
> Comments/Problems: Only thing i noticed (if it is an error i don't 
> know but i didn't like it much) is i haven't been asked for a root 
> password, it remained blank. Not a big problem.. But it could lead to 
> problems for a newbie user :)

This is a very strange issue. This can only happen if you do an "expert" 
installation and _indicate yourself_ that you don't want to use the root account, but that instead 'sudo' should be enabled for the first user account that is created. This is not the default option, but is something that you have to select during the installation.

I strongly suspect that that is what you must have done, so, unless you can provide additional information about the _exact_ questions you were asked (in English!) and the answers you gave, I'm going to assume there is no actual bug.

> The rest worked like a charme, installing only base system.
> Very nice job, thanks to all of you.

Thank you, and also for submitting your report.

As I don't think the issue you reported is a bug, I'm closing the report. 
You can still reply to this message with additional info, and, if necessary, we can always reopen the report.


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