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Bug#406616: etch daily installation report

reassign 406616 tasksel 2.62
clone 406616 -1
retitle 406616 print-server: foomatic-gui pulls in too many unrelated packages
severity 406616 wishlist
retitle -1 tasksel: Desktop task _not_ displayed, but still getting partly installed
severity -1 serious

On Friday 12 January 2007 12:08, L wrote:
> * No `Desktop' task, so I just left `standard system' and `print
> server' selected and was AMAZED by the amount of unwanted shit the
> installer dragged in. Seriously. 2G for a base install isn't what I
> remember being `standard' on Debian. I selected the task presuming it
> would be basic non-minimal utilities like screen, some admin tools, and
> such.

Well, "presuming" things is never really the best rationale for doing
them. The installation guide [1] has information on what the different
tasks encompass and how much disk space they take.

Installing Standard + Print server gives me around 700MB, not 2GB.
Did you perhaps install in a language other than English? In that case
some language specific packages may have been installed, but that still
does not get us to 2GB. Hmmm.

> * Despite what seems like the entirety of GNOME being installed, 
> as well as GDM, no x server was installed with it. This is pointless
> and a waste of time in the huge majority of cases.

I'm not sure where you get that. The print server tasks does indeed 
install some Gnome and X packages, mostly libraries. It seems this is
because the author of the task decided that foomatic-gui was a useful
package to install with that task.
Removing foomatic-gui from your system will automatically remove all the 
Gnome, most X and various other packages.

Let's reassign this report to tasksel to see if the tasksel maintainer 
wants to reconsider this. Dropping only foomatic-gui from the
print-server task will reduce its size to almost half of what it
currently is.

> All in all, however, the thing works wonderfully, and I can but hope a
> desktop task will be added, and a lot of extraneous guff will be
> removed from the `standard' system. I would like to still be able to
> install debian in under 500MB if I choose.

You can: select no tasks and only install packages you really need using 
regular package management tools after the reboot. Even if you select
the standard task, you will stay below 500MB.

Anyway, one of the strong points of Debian is that you can just purge the 
packages you want and your system should be just as lean as if you never 
installer them.

[... while /me tries some stuff in a test environment]

Hmm, after upgrading tasksel in a vmware test environment and running
'tasksel --new-install', I think I _can_ reproduce what you are seeing.
I do _not_ get the Desktop task in the task list, but when I look at
the selected packages, it looks like it still is getting installed
somehow, and indeed, without X.Org.
I'm not sure if this is a tasksel problem or rather a temporary problem
with the Etch archive.

Thank you for filing your report.



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