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Bug#405579: PowerPC, prep-flavor: manual partitioning error


>Please just use the link for powerpc netinst under "daily built images" on 
>That page is by far the best way to get an image at _any_ time.

That's one of the reasons I'm not doing it. I am sure that once I have
downloaded the "current" image, it's not current any more. And when the
http-link follows the "current" symlink on cdimage.d.o, the image will
be changed behind my back during downloading it.

The other reason is that I don't want to have a browser open for 6-8 hours
with X and all. Yes, I could use wget, but would that be any better than
ncftp? I doubt it.

Also, ncftp is just much better at resuming ftp downloads than any browser
and that's *quite* helpful in my situation.

>Browsing through the cdimages server manually will only lead you astray...

If I'm not careful enough, I don't deserve it any better.

>Check that you have partman-base version 101 on it as that has the change, 
>though it should be by now.

Will check,

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