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Bug#406325: partman-auto: missing "no disks found" error

clone 406325 -1
reassign -1 partman-base
retitle -1 Should display error if no disks have been detected

On Wednesday 10 January 2007 13:50, Robert Millan [ackstorm] wrote:
> When installing on a machine without any hard disk [1], I'd expect
> partman to show an error telling me that.  Currently it just loops over
> the "Guided partitioning" template.

I agree that showing an error would be nice, but returning to the previous 
template is not as bad as I was first afraid of (a real loop and a 
hanging program).

For "manual" partitioning we basically have the same issue: the main 
partman dialog is shown, but without any discs. It would be better to 
show an error there too, or maybe even during partman initialization.

I don't think we want to add a new template for this before the release of 
Etch as that would create a lot of work for translators and the issue is 
IMO not important enough for that. Postponing until after the release of 

For now I have added a check in partman-auto and partman-auto-{lvm,crypto} 
so that the "guided partitioning" options will just not be included in 
the menu if no disks were detected, which effectively solves the issue 
reported by Robert.
Possibly these checks can be removed again when we have a more general 
handling of the "no disks" situation.


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