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BTS wars (was: Re: Bug#406114: Processed: reopening 406114)

> reopen 406114
> thanks

Guys, I'm not sure whether that BTS war is leading us anywhere.

Please send me to hell if I'm wrong but I feel like a rampant conflict
between Geert and Frans (and this for a quite long time). You guys
have made visible effort to keep it at an acceptable level and both of
you can be rewarded for that. However, issues like this one could be
likely to make you cross the border without noticing. If we don't
want this to become a deeper and more complicated issue, I really
suggest you guys talk about it in private ("agree about our disagreements").

About the specific 406114 issue, I currently sustain Frans reasoning
that keeping duplicate bugs is essentially pointless (this is my
interpretation of what happened about this issue). 

I would also sustain any position about non issues, or things we don't
want to implement, to be *closed*. I don't suggest this for all
packages, but d-i development is a quite different model (big team,
strong leadership, other activity tracking for development goals,
etc.) and using the BTS for activity tracking does not really seem

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