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Re: Bug#403639: Fix committed in svn repo

Loïc Minier wrote:
On Mon, Jan 08, 2007, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Just wanted to say the patch was eventually committed to gnome svn [1]: i tried a backport to our 2.8.20 but was unable to due to that complex set of patches already present :( Would be possible building an experimental 2-8-20 udeb with this patch to see what its effects are?

 It's not trivial to backport, the upstream 2.10 code doesn't map so
 well with our 2.8.20 with backported directfb and I think it wouldn't
 be possible to pull the 2.10 directfb files as they rely on the
 internal 2.10 functions.  :-/

Yes, i know this patch adds comlexity to gtk+ 2.8.20, which is growing to be a complicated hairball..

 I've applied the patch by hand the best I could, it built, could you
 please try the packages at:

thanks for patching: i built an iso [1] and it looks like leakage is now small during normal questions display and still noticeable during progressbar runs. I'd like someone else than me (Frans?) give this iso a objective test and report if he thinks the leakage is now reduced. By my side, i'll investigate why we still leak when a progressbar is run (this puzzles me, as the progressbar is never destroyed, just hidden).


[1] https://debian.polito.it/downloads/mini_gtk+_2.8.20-4.iso

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