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Re: live and install in one CD?

Marco Amadori wrote:
Alle 15:41, lunedì 8 gennaio 2007, Steve McIntyre ha scritto:

There are several possible ways to do this now; the easiest may be to
use the hooks in the latest debian-cd version in svn to add files to
the temporary disc trees at various points. I wouldn't recommend
trying to re-implement the netinst build yourself, tbh - it's quite
complex already..

Good point, Attilio Fiandrotti told me that g-i can be compiled to run on X (gtk instead of gtk-directfb), it will be interesting to see how to include that in our live system builds, then we could "clone" ubiquity results via the X g-i and a package preseed took from <media>/casper/filesystem.manifest having the goodies of both worlds without having a different installer (and different features and bug support for the Q.A. team).

Indeed, one can easily compile and run cdebconf's GTK frontend under gtk/x11, harder is running the d-i in a chroot environment form a live Debian system. I did some tests some months ago to see if that's possible or not and could not complete the installation, which failed at some point after language selection :(



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