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Bug#406114: Installer netinst needs ping and better ifconfig

Package: installation-reports

Boot method:   CD
Image version: RC1 netinst  (current as of 2006-01-06)
Date:          2001-01-06
Processor:     Intel Pentium 4
RAM:           1 GB
Disks:         Two ATA IDE disks

Summary: Debian installer netinst image should have a ping,
         and an ifconfig that can set the hardware MAC address

Note: I have also filed a bug with busybox, as the
ifconfig feature is probably missing from busybox' ifconfig.

For a successful network install in an environment where the
router expects to see a certain MAC address (as my cable modem
provider does), it is necessary to set the hardware MAC address
of the network card. (Or not install Debian during the holidays
and wait for a possibility to let the ISP switch the expected MAC).

Also, a ping command to make sure the connection is established
is highly desirable.

Since Debian is mainly focussed on network installs, and is
generally very good at that, I think that those two features
are missing from the netinst image.



Claus Fischer <claus.fischer@clausfischer.com>

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