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Bug#405705: [powerpc, manual] Booting of PREP machines


>On Friday 05 January 2007 18:17, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
>>  Currently, the only &arch-title; subarchitectures that support CD-ROM
>> -booting are PReP and New World PowerMacs. On PowerMacs, hold the
>> +booting are PReP (with the exception of Motorola PowerStack machines)
>> +and New World PowerMacs.
>Does this mean that booting from CD is known to work for other PReP

I think that Sven Luther had contact to somebody who booted a RS/6000 140p
that way. But that's only hearsay, my 140p is currently refusing to boot
*at all*, I need to take it apart :-(. Those IBM boxes are such divas,
you don't boot them for a month and pooof, they won't boot anymore for

That's why I only excluded the PowerStacks in the above paragraph - I am
sure that this class of machines does not boot from the daily installer
CDs, I've not tested other PReP boxes.

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