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Bug#405102: installation-report: Include info on which PCI device is in used by which kernel module

On Friday 05 January 2007 20:47, Joey Hess wrote:
> Here's a patch that does the same thing, while avoiding the xargs, pwd
> -P, and awk (and also the cd). I haven't tested it in d-i yet, but /sys
> should be there, so it probably works.

Works in d-i on vmware:
modulemap: 8086:7111 piix
modulemap: 8086:7112 uhci_hcd
modulemap: 1000:0030 mptspi
modulemap: 1022:2000 pcnet32

Note: your patch still does the 'cd /sys/bus/pci/devices' at the beginning 
of list_loaded_modules, so the WD will still be different after it exits.
It does no real harm, so I'm unsure if it really needs fixing or not.

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