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Re: [RFC] Option to blacklist modules for d-i and installed system

On Friday 05 January 2007 16:18, Frans Pop wrote:
> I propose to implement something like the patch below to rootskel.
> Note that debconf cannot be used as the blacklisting needs to happen
> _before_ udev is run for the first time.
> Patch has been tested and seems to work nicely.

I have further developed this patch and implemented the main functionality 
in di-utils' register-module. This now can be called with a -b option, 
which will result in the module being blacklisted.

> A last option could be "module.blacklist=yes", which is probably most
> consistent with "module.param=value".

After some thinking I have decided that this variant is most consistent, 
easiest to implement and least likely to cause problems.
The value is not important: it will work with "yes", "true", "1" (and even 
with "no"!). I'll document this in the manual.

> Copying the resulting blacklist.local file into /target would be done
> in a post-base-installer.d hook script.

The post-base-installer hook script for register-module now takes care of 

> While working on this I noticed a fairly structural issue.
> The module-init-tools udeb still contains an /etc/modprobe.conf, which
> means that anything under /etc/modprobe.d/ gets ignored. But the udev
> udeb _does_ contain a few files in /etc/modprobe.d/.
> Marco is going to fix module-init-tools, but that means we may see some
> changes in behavior in d-i as a result.
> Despite the slight risk, I still feel that this should be done.

It turned out that register-module currently would always create an
/etc/modprobe.conf file for module options. I have committed a patch that 
makes register-module use modprobe.conf if it already exists in the d-i 
environment and modprobe.d/(blacklist.)local if it does not.
This allows it to work reliably both as long as module-init-tools still 
has a modprobe.conf and when that is fixed.

Changes have been committed and extensively tested. I intend to upload 
today, but please shout if you see issues with this.


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