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Bug#405579: PowerPC, prep-flavor: manual partitioning error

Package: partman-base
Version: 100

During an installation of:


on an Motorola Powerstack II:

ut@pleddis:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
processor       : 0
cpu             : 604r
clock           : ???
revision        : 49.2 (pvr 0009 3102)
bogomips        : 299.00
machine         : PReP Utah (Powerstack II Pro4000)
l2 cache        : 512KiB, parity disabled SRAM:synchronous, pipelined, no parity

I had a very strange problem during partitioning. I am just guessing that
the culprit is in partman-base, it could be inside partman-prep as well,
as it has to do with the prep-boot partition.

Anyway, here the full story:

Initial boot of the prep boot CD-ROM image (vmlinuz-prep.initrd) over TFTP,
then continued the install from the CD-ROM. Yes, this may seem strange,
but I have a slow network connection. Graphical console was attached,
no additional parameters were set during boot. English as installation
language, german keyboard layout, manual network configuration.

Nothing special on the initial partioner screen, only some garbled
characters shown at the end of the partition description.

I had a non-working partition layout on my installation target disk (9 GB
SCSI, sda), the prep-boot partition was too small. I deleted all
partitions on the disk. So far, so good.

As soon as I created a fresh prep-boot partition, an alert box popped
up with only question marks and "go back" and "continue" buttons.
After choosing "continue", only the disk itself is shown in the menu
(which is OK), but I was not able to create any partitions on it, nor
do anything useful. It looked like the partitioner restarted
itself, switching to another virtual console only cluttered that console
as well. This is reproducible, but prevents looking at log files at
that point. Choosing "back", I was able to look at the partman log file,
I think the relevant lines are (by hand - I was not able to mount NFS

/lib/partman/update.d/50filesystems : IN : CHANGE_FILE_SYSTEM =dev=scsi=host0=bus0=target0=lun0=disc 32256-98703359 prep
parted_server: opening outfifo
parted_server: command_change_file_system(32256-98703359,prep)
parted_server: partition_with_id(32256-98703359)
parted_server: Filesystem + not found, let's see if it is a flag
parted_server: Bad file system or flag type: +
parted_server: line 1616. CRITICAL ERROR!!! EXITING

If you like to have the full log, I can reproduce the bug, but you have to
tell me how I get it off the machine at this point.

As soon as I used guided partitioning/use full disk/all on one partition,
the created partition layout was fine and the install onto it was successful.

I would rate this bug at least as annoying, as it prevents manual
partitioning from scratch.

Dipl. Inf. Ulrich Teichert|e-mail: Ulrich.Teichert@gmx.de
Stormweg 24               |listening to: Cauchemar (Opération S)
24539 Neumuenster, Germany|Good Looks, Big Deal (Sweatmaster)

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