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Bug#404950: Installation Report [mips] [rc1] [Failure] SWARM (Broadcom BCM91250a)

On Friday 29 December 2006 22:48, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'll try if I can reproduce this myself, but I suspect the arch may be
> a factor here. If not I'll see what debugging is needed to trace this
> (a few 'set -x' in the right place should do it) and let you know.

I think I'll need a log from you to find this.

Could you edit the file /lib/partman/definitions.sh (before starting 
partman; using 'nano') and in the function "humandev" add a 'set -x' at 
the top and 'set -x' at the bottom.
That should show what is happening in the syslog.

Please send the syslog (gzipped). You should be able to get it easily 
using the "Save debug logs" option in the installer's main menu.

Note that you don't need to destroy any existing install for this: just 
start the partitioner, select "manual partitioning", and select "Go Back" 
when you get to the main screen of partman.


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