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Bug#405098: Many errors and eventual failure when "Copy data from partition" used on partition with dir_index

On Sunday 31 December 2006 09:28, Adam Porter wrote:
> I am copying my Debian installation onto a new hard drive with LVM and
> encrypted swap and /tmp.  I tried to use the installer's option to
> "Copy data from partition," but after I selected the source partition,
> it complained about parted not being able to resize a partition that
> had dir_index enabled, saying that parted can only resize it if it
> disables dir_index first.  I don't know why it would need to resize
> any of the partitions just to copy data from one partition to another,
> and I'm not sure if it was referring to the source partition, or the
> new, blank partition.

I can reproduce the fact that new features like dir_index and resize_inode 
are not supported. This does not only affect copying data, but also plain 
resizing of a partition (which is refused with the rather vague 
message "unable to determine max new size for partition", but has the 
same underlying problem).

For reference, see for example:

However, If I create a new (ext3) partition and try to copy data from an 
existing (ext3) partition, I only get a message that an incompatible 
feature is enabled and both the "Go Back" and "Continue" options do the 
right thing: cancel the action without any harm done.

I'd like to make sure that what happened to you does not occur to others, 
but it seems that to reproduce this, we'll need more info about what 
exactly you did.

What we need seems to be:
- exact partition/file system layout before you started
- any partitioning changes you made before trying the copy action
- which partitions you selected as source and target for the copy


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