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Re: 20061230-2 netinst powerpc iso


>The kernel _deb_ isn't supposed to be on a businesscard image; the base
>system (including the kernel) is downloaded from a mirror.
>Only the kernel udebs should be on a businesscard.


>The netinst and full CD images should have the kernel deb as well.
>                                        ^^^^^^^^
>You are using the wrong image here! You should be using the *sid_d-i*
>image, which is the one linked from our project home page [1].
>Sorry for not spotting that earlier.

I'm sorry for wasting everybodys time. I should have paid more attention
to Rick Thomas' earlier mail, in which he had quoted the correct sid image.

Downloading the correct one right now,

sorry again for the noise,
PS: May I ask the question why the images in the etch directory are not
the same as the sid ones? And why are they build daily as well?
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