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Bug#404264: pppd

reopen 404264
reassign 404264 ppp-udeb
severity 404264 wishlist
retitle 404264 Supporting dial-up still seems to be useful
tags 404264 + d-i

On Monday 01 January 2007 11:38, David Shaver wrote:
> I am/was using the 4.0 (multi-arch) installer;

Ah, sorry. I missed that (some info in the report still referred to the 
release number for Sarge, which confused me).

> the EVDO modem (U720) as 
> I have it set up, uses 'usbserial vendor=0x1410 product=0x2110' and a
> (relatively simple) pppd connect script (/dev/ttyUSB0, 921600,phone #).

Hmm. With that kind of speed having it supported would actually make 
sense. I'm reopening the report and reassigning it to ppp-udeb.

I don't think the current version of ppp-udeb is intended to support this 
kind of dial-up connection: it has been changed to focus on PPPoE.

Not sure if anyone will actually want to work on this though. If you'd 
like to give it a shot yourself, you're very welcome to do so of course.
AFAIK older versions of ppp-udeb _did_ support dial-up connections.

If that would be implemented again, it would probably make sense to split 
ppp-udeb into a ppp-udeb and a pppoe-udeb, or possibly 3 with and extra 


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