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Bug#402857: please document changes to installer handling of exim4

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 00:37, Vincent.McIntyre@csiro.au wrote:
> * In the description of "mail sent by smarthost".
>    The phrase "which does the actual job for you" has always seemed a
>    little unclear to me. I think it could be changed to e.g.
>    "which sends the message on to its destination."
> * There's no mention of the exim4-doc-* packages. Should there be?
>    I found the reference to the full documentation in the
> README.Debian.gz, so perhaps the last sentence could change a little:
>      ... the file README.Debian.gz has additional details about
> configuring exim4 and explains how to obtain the full documentation.
> I hope these suggestions are helpful, feel free to ignore them.

Yes, thanks. I've implemented both with minor modifications.


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