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Bug#405169: installation-report: installation report: Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120 laptop

Frans Pop wrote:
> > X was configured to use 1024x768 pixels, but the laptop has a
> > wide-screen display, so 1280x768 pixels are the right dimensions.
> > Installing 915resolution fixed this. Getting this automatically would
> > of course be nice.
> That is an X.Org configuration issue. If you want to follow up on this, 
> please file a BR there (xserver-xorg-core probably).

Actually it's more of a tasksel/d-i issue. I've thought it would be nice
to include 915resolution in the laptop task, but I don't know for sure
if it's good to include it on all laptops. It's probably safe, since it
seems to probe for the appropriate intel graphics chipset before doing
anything, but the init script prints an ugly message in that case. d-i
could be modified to check for the right chipset and auto-install it,
but I've not taken the time to work out exactly how to do that. 

IIRC I also needed to manually configure 915resolution for my laptop,
though that may have improved since.

I believe that new versions of the intel drivers are planned to obsolte
915resolution eventually, BTW.

see shy jo

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