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Bug#405161: tasksel: inconsistency in task definition syntax

Frans Pop wrote:
> This is something I've been sitting on since the Dzongkha customization I 
> did in Bhutan.
> There are currently two ways to define tasks:
>   Packages: package-1
>    package-2
>    package-3
> and:
>   Packages: task-fields
>   Packages-list:
>    package-1
>    package-2
>    package-3

Eh? The first syntax has not been used for some time (if ever) and is
not currently supported by tasksel. Are you thinking about this?

Packages: list

This is a pluggable packages list method implemented by
/usr/lib/tasksel/packages/list; tasksel supports arbitrary other package
list plugins. This particular one is mostly useful for custom
distributions that want to hardcode a list of packages for a task in a
file in /usr/share/tasksel/, rather than doing the more complex things
needed to add Task: fields to the Packages files via overrides as we do
in Debian.

> I propose to change the first form to:
>   Packages: task-files


> Before implementation, there should probably be a check for applications 
> that parse task files and make sure those support both the old and new 
> format.

As far as I know, tasksel is the only code base that supports parsing
its task files in full. Aptitude does limited parsing that only
retreives the descriptions.

see shy jo

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