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Bug#403346: installation-report: Creates mails that are way too big and never make the list

Op 01-01-2007 om 13:12 schreef Frans Pop:
> severity 403346 serious


> Another example: http://bugs.debian.org/405169
> and I have no idea how many other reports we've not seen on the list...

Initial _long_ report seen on the list
all got a follow-up that don't need the full logs.

> I really feel we are losing too many bug reports through this and am 
> therefore raising severity to serious.
> Joey, do you have any ideas how to resolve this?


Split "install report" into "install report" and "e-mail install logs"

"install report" E-mails a minimum of info to submit@bugs.debian.org

"e-mail install logs" is a script that takes the BR nummer as parameter.
It E-mails the various logs to the bugreport.

(Only) When the BR needs additional info, we ask the submitter
to invoke the "e-mail install logs" script.


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