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Bug#405102: installation-report: Include info on which PCI device is in used by which kernel module

[Frans Pop]
> Not yet tested the patch, but the idea looks nice.

Good to hear.  On my laptop, the code in question give me this output:

  8086:2590 intel_agp
  8086:2658 uhci_hcd
  8086:2659 uhci_hcd
  8086:265a uhci_hcd
  8086:265b uhci_hcd
  8086:265c ehci_hcd
  8086:266e snd_intel8x0
  8086:266d snd_intel8x0m
  8086:2653 ata_piix
  8086:266a i2c_i801
  14e4:167d tg3
  1180:0476 yenta_socket
  8086:4224 ipw2200

Just the kind of information needed to understand what drivers are
activated. :)

> This should be '$lspci', right?

Yes.  I forgot to change the call itself to use the detected path to

Petter Reinholdtsen

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