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Bug#405160: tasksel: laptop task installs bare X.Org

Package: tasksel
Version: 2.59
Severity: minor

When you select the laptop task by itself, it also installs most of X.Org 
due to dependencies, but not enough to result in any kind of working X 
This also makes the download and installed size a lot larger than strictly 

Installed/Download  Comments
49.3      16.9      Current laptop task
26.3       9.5      Without xserver-xorx-input-synaptics, which gets rid
                    of most of all X.Org packages
10.1       3.1      Without acpi-support, which gets rid of dbus and thus
 4.1       1.5      Without bluetooth, which gets rid of x11-common

The last set I would qualify as the pure laptop utilities.

It would be great if the laptop task could be split into a basic laptop 
task and a "laptop-desktop" task that "enhances" both desktop and laptop, 
but I'm not sure if tasksel supports a double "enhances" currently.


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