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Bug#404482: Patch to fix the "I" cursor issue

Hi Attilio,

On Monday 25 December 2006 15:45, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> As a workaround, the attached patch resets the cursor to its original
> arrow shape when it moves into the main gdkwindow.

I've tested this in vmware and it does make the cursor switch back 
sometimes, but very unreliably. Most of the time I still have an "I" 
where you'd want an arrow.

It's also extremely unpredictable: sometimes when you move from one area 
to another the cursor changes back, on other occasions it does not. 
During localechooser I could hardly get the cursor correct at all, later 
it was a bit better.
It also seems to change late sometimes ("long" after you've already 
crossed over to another area). The overall effect is very erratic.
Also, if you go from description _around_ e.g. a text input box, the 
cursor will not change. 

Personally I'd prefer to keep the current behavior over a hack that only 
half works. If you can improve the patch, that'd be different of course.


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