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Bug#400263: proposal for manual chapter

tags 400263 + pending

On Wednesday 27 December 2006 10:00, Holger Wansing wrote:
> Note that there were changes to boot-installer/parameters.xml
> in the meantime, so maybe this diff doesn't apply cleanly anymore.]

Yes, by chance I already made some changes while processing a bug report 
from Clytie.

I have not applied your patch for parameters.xml as I think that is not 
the correct place for it. The DEBIAN_FRONTEND parameter is after all not 
the regular method to boot the graphical installer (and "install 
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=gtk" will in fact not even work).

Instead we need a separate section earlier in the manual (installation 
methods chapter probably, or maybe for Etch a separate appendix) where 
this should be documented.

I have also not applied your patch for lomem.xml as you sent it, but 
rather used the ideas you included to add to the existing text. Thanks a 
lot, having your text made it much easier.
To be perfectly honest, your text also contained quite a few grammatical 
errors and would have had to be edited anyway (if you'd like a review of 
your original text feel free to mail me privately).

The new text has been committed. Comments welcome.


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