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Re: miboot-floppies (powerpc oldworld) for sarge


On Saturday 16 December 2006 00:52, Sven Luther wrote:
> > But why? People can install with 2.4 just fine and then later upgrade to
> > 2.6, so why do the work and backport it?
> Because even when using 2.4 floppies, they will install the 2.6.8 kernels,
> so it is best to have the same kernel for installation media and reboot
> kernels.

As I don't know of any hardware that a.) needs to boot from floppy and b.) 
doesnt work with 2.4 but only with 2.6 I still don't see a good reason to do 
the work and do a rebuild of the _sarge_ miboot-floppies.

Since almost 10 years (1997 I think) apple switched to newworld, which all can 
boot from cdrom or have proper OF implementations to boot from network - so I 
also doubt there is a hardware which needs this and I don't know :)

> The change is trivial, please try it :

At the moment I only have/had to run "debuild", everything else, takes some of 
my time which I rather invest in improving etch and lenny.

Sorry for not using your patch, but you can always rebuild the miboot floppies 
yourself ;-)


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