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Bug#403016: Please add pata_artop module for Iomega NAS100d

Package: kernel-wedge
Version: 2.29
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: tbm@cyrius.com

Porting the debian installer to the ixp4xx/nas100d requires the
pata_artop module (which depends on libata) be added to the installer image.

The question is whether it is simply added to sata-modules (it uses the
new SATA/PATA libata subsystem, but is not actually a SATA controller),
or whether a new pata-modules udeb is created, with libata being split
out into an ata-common-modules udeb.

I'm going to continue testing by simply adding it to sata-modules, but
will be happy to migrate to comply with whatever you decide.

This is not etch-critical :-)

-- Rod

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