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Re: gtk d-i : using size instead of "shape" to differentiate text

--- Attilio Fiandrotti <attilio.fiandrotti@gmail.com>

> Eduardo Silva wrote:
> > 
> > Yes :) I think that the creator of the current
> look,
> > Andre Ferreira, may be wanting to do that as well,
> but
> > I think the more icons done, the better :)
> I guess you're talking about these icons, right?
> Cheers
> Attilio

Yes, those are the ones. Only later did I read the
text better and understood that they are icons from
pre-existing themes.
Oh, and attilio, my laptop went bust (doesn't power
up), I'm still in the limbo I've been for some time,
and I can't really promisse of being able to make the
icons before etch releases. 
But if I was able, this is what I would do:

I would get the svg sources
for the icons I did (
and make them more simillar with 

The main change would be having a white border instead
of black, inverting the colors (like in these two
links) and making a better triangle with rounded
corners for the warning icon.

Then, to give that final glassy look (web 2.0 kinda
look) to go with the banner look, I would make it
slightly shinny like in the image I'm sending to you
(of a job I've done some time ago), but with less
The trick would be to create a shape in inkscape on
top of the icon, and make it white and with some
transparency. The kind of shape you make ends up
defining the roundiness of the icon, so I wouldn't put
such a big one like in the attatched icon.

I guess you are probably busy as hell to do this now,
but maybe you know someone who could?

Be well,

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