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Re: No Dell key board

Quoting Ian White (chance@opportunist.co.uk):
> I was hoping to upgrade my old Sarge to a Dell 
> Pentium 4 Dimension E520 series but neither the old CDs nor any kind of download 
> interacts with keyboard response to install. I tried the AMD-64 binary CD. I think the problem 
> is that installation does not recognised USB keyboard. Is there a way round 
> this? If there is a way, which binary CD should I be using for this hardware? 

You should give more details about the image you use (exact URL you
downloaded it from) and the exact moment where your keyboard is not

Does it work at the boot prompt?

Does it work at the language selection screen?


Numerous people have completed installs with USB keyboards so
I actually fail to believe that the problem is strictly inherent to
USB keyboards...


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