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Bug#401652: base-installer: mechanism to preseed kernel selection

Package: base-installer
Version: 1.68
Severity: wishlist

as best i can see, there is no way to select a kernel using debconf

i tried:

base-installer  base-installer/kernel/which-kernel      select linux-image-vserver-686
base-installer  base-installer/kernel/image     string linux-image-vserver-686
base-installer  base-installer/kernel/image-2.6 string linux-image-vserver-686

but alas, no luck.

reading base-installer.postinst (though not certain i fully understand
it), it seems like the pick_kernel function just overwrites these
debconf values based one what it detects as available and preferred.

if i exclude all other kernels from the CD image, it selects the
linux-image-vserve-2.6.17-2-vserver-686 image, and it installs fine.
though even then, i'd rather have the more generic meta-package

could the postinst be written to not override a preseeded value? if not,
could another question be added that overrides the kernel selection

or am i missing something?

live well,

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