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Re: help - vanishing keyboard

On Monday 04 December 2006 13:48, sferriol wrote:
> i have no usb keyboard, so can you test the following images:
> http://www-timc.imag.fr/Sylvain.Ferriol/debian/d-i/i386/current
> there are no usb drivers in boot floppy, so you have 30 seconds to
> change the boot floppy to the root floppy.
> and after your keyboard will be activated

Works perfectly!

After load of boot floppy, keyboard is dead but load of root floppy starts 
automatically. 30 seconds delay seems right to me. After loading root 
floppy, language selection shows and keyboard works fine.

Did you include the usb-discover udeb on the root floppy?

I also tried _not_ switching the floppy in time for the timeout.
It then errors out with
   Cannot find root floppy; /dev/floppy0: cannot mount
and repeats endlessly.

Would it be possible to limit that to 2 (maybe 3) times? Bonus points if 
it then falls back to pressing a key only.

Thanks for the excellent work Sylvain.


P.S. Post-Etch I think we'll have to look at reducing the size of the 
kernel for floppy boots. It stands to reason that new releases will soon 
overflow the boot floppy again. Maybe we'll need a special flavor after 

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