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Re: [directfb-dev] Cause of g-i crashing on AMD64 at VT switch found

Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
Claudio Ciccani schrieb:

Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:

Claudio Ciccani schrieb:

Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:

But pthread_cancel() also terminates the thread at mutex_lock for
example which would be bad if a lock is already taken. I'd prefer
having well chosen voluntary exit points.

That can be avoided by using a similar procedure:

// safe calls ...
// process pending cancelations

According to me, the problems you are encountering suggest that
pthread_cancel() should not be removed.

The DI guys prefer to not add a needed extra library (on AMD64), but
replace those calls.

But an ordinary system have that library installed!
We could provide a patch for Debian, but we should not change DirectFB
main code accoring to me.

That's what I thought :)

But your suggestions to guard the code outside the blocking read()
by disabling (or better defering) cancelation are good.

IIUC pthread_cancel() is revealing difficult to be replaced: should we proceed adding libgcc1 to d-i, hence leaving you DFB guys all the time you needed to implement an appropriate replacement for that call?



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