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Bug#401524: installation-report: on sparc64 1st partition not useable for raid and X config wrong/not working

Thanx for the quick answer.

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Frans Pop wrote:

> On Monday 04 December 2006 09:46, Andre' Breiler wrote:
> > Two things went wrong during install:
> > 1) I was unable to use sda1 or sdb1 for software raid (option not
> > offered)
> That is only for your protection. If the first partition on a disk with
> Sun disklabel starts at the beginning of the disk and you use it for
> RAID, you'll trash the partition table...
> I think that if you don't start the first partition at the 1st sector, the
> option should be offered.

Ok, I'll try that on the next install (I'm aware of the fact that the
partition shouldn't start at first block).
Would there be a good place (install guide) to explain that ?

> > 2) The X server config was configured with 24bit depth but the
> > suncg6 card supports 8 bit only. Unfortunatly the driver fails to
> > initialize the card (XFree86 on sparc32 worked find with the same card)
> > in a way that the screen switches and the cursor goes blue from white
> > but nothing else happens.
> That is somewhat to be expected as Sun graphics cards are not all that
> common and thus less well tested than mainstream cards. Suggest you file
> a bug report against the relevant XOrg driver package, but expect that
> you may have to help tracing the regression yourself.

I'll do that then. I'm just installing a sarge on the box to see if
it is a 64 vs. 32 bit issue.

> If you think it is purely a configuration issue, a bug against
> xserver-xorg-core may be more appropriate, but I have no idea how the

No, it's some driver bug because exactly the same driver config
works on a sparc32 system under XFree86.

> configuration scripts determine the default depth. Again you may have to
> do some research yourself first.

I'll have a look if I can find out where to file the bug against.


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