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Bug#394871: Bug#395257: Workaround for keymap related bugs in g-i available, please test it

Hi Miroslav

I believe the bugs you ran into are more similar to #401296 (G-I
interface does not work in UTF-8 mode/input handled in 8859-1) and
#394871 ( cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Dead keys do not work with French keyboard
(fr-latin9) ) than to #395257.

#395257 ([g-i] keymap change works only once), is about a different bug
and recently fixed by fjp, so replying to 401296 and 394871 for relevant
parts and dropping 395257.

The Czech keymap does not work as expected. It has two modes:


> * By pressing Pause the keyboard should switch to the Czech layout
>   where you can write accented letters directly by pressing the
>   numbers without any modifier and use the dead key + letter to write
>   accents that are not accessible directly under any number. The dead
>   key should be "=" key (next to backspace) and Shift+"=". The first
>   is used to write cute above letters [aeiyou], the other to write
>   caron above letters [rtsdcn].
>   In g-i I can't switch to this mode at all.

Indeed, dead keys are known not to work very well (at all, ATM) in DirectFB, still trying to find a way to fix that.



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