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No ide-core module, net boot with CD repository.

I hope it isn't too much trouble to ask here but will the ide-core-modules-2.6.17-2-486-di udeb wind up on the testing CDs at some point?

I keep the first 5 testing CD images on hand for a non-networked system I maintain. I'm trying to set up a server that can be a boot server and package repository for clients[1]. Since I have the CDs on hand already I figured to use them as the repository's package source, which means I don't have to set up a full i386 mirror.

I've gotten the CDs mounted such that they provide the pool for the install and the net boot works great. But the net boot initrd doesn't include ide-core and neither do the CDs, so no hard drives are found. It looks like net boot intends to get the IDE modules from the repository (they are on the mirrors) and the CD installer has them in its initrd. So I've managed to wedge myself in the complement of the two methods.

I could set up a mirror but that will be larger than what I really need. I'm about to try building d-i myself to see whether I can add these to the initrd (I wonder what else I'll find I need?) But I thought I'd ask here in case this is a temporary dilemma.

Thanks for your help!


1. The server is for use at installfests and people want CD images available. But it's easier to install over the network than to burn CDs so I have them use the boot server unless they really need physical media. So far it works (after some struggles) with *buntu, SUSE, and FC, and I really wish I could add Debian to the list.


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