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Comments/questions on the debian-installer / d-i manual


There are 3 things I want to mention/ask:

1.	d-i
on the initial d-i boot screen -> page F1 is mentioned,
that minimal 24MB are needed to use the installer.
There should be a note for the use of the graphical installer,
too (You need 24MB to use the text-based installer or xxxMB,
to use the new graphical installer (gui)).

2.	d-i manual
in administrivia/administrivia.xml there two times the
distribution codename "Sarge" hardcoded.
	-> change to Etch or to entity?

3.	d-i manual 
I have a question related to preseeding.
There is a new part in the preseed.xml file:
	If a value is to be used to configure packages for
	the target system, you will need to prepend the
	"owner" of the variable as in

Who is the "owner of the variable"? I could translate this
"as is", but I would recommend to explain this a lot.

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