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Bug#401271: [powerpc,prep] Motorola Powerstack II installation report.

reassign 401271 partman-auto
retitle 401271 Separate boot partition not needed for prep systems
tags 401271 + pending

On Saturday 02 December 2006 10:47, Sven Luther wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
>   1) PReP machines need 2.6.18 based -prep kernels, as thus, a unstable
>   install will do it, and a testing/etch install needs some work.

Should be solved as soon as 2.6.18 migrates to testing.

>   3) /boot separate partition in RAID/LVM/Crypto cases is wasted, since
> the kernel will anyway reside on the PReP partition.

Reassigning to partman-auto; have deleted definitions for /boot partitions 
in powerpc-prep recipes.

>   4) PReP boxes don't know how to set command line options, so there is
> need to set it inside the ramdisk (not supported by initramfs-tools,
> but supported by yaird), so they need to be given by hand at the kernel
> bootwrapper kenrel args prompt. (This is a initramfs-tools bug, maybe
> RC ?).

I've seen a sparate bug filed for this.

> Now, about the workaround, currently you need to :
>   1) as soon as the base system is installed, when you are in the
> tasksel dialog, go to console 2, chroot /target, install lftp or some
> other tool and get the unstable mkvmlinuz and linux-image-2.6.18-3-prep
> kernels.

Why install lftp? Just use wget...

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