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Re: Bug#395257: Workaround for keymap related bugs in g-i available, please test it


On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 14:37:41 +0100 Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Cool! could you also please confirm that using "swiss german" keyboard 
> layout AltGr + 2 = @ , so that i can proceed closing #395284 ? I belive 
> this bug was misreported.

AltGr+2 gives an @ when swiss german keyboard is chosen, yes.
So, given that AltGr+2 is the correct combination to type an @
in swiss, that bug can be closed!

> > But I am unable to switch to another layout afterwards.
> > No matter what I choose, it stays de (there are endless
> > messages on vt1 "Reloaded keymap ..." though).
> > (Not sure if that is really a problem in the mini.iso or
> > if this because of some functionality missing to save space.)
> taht's strange, i can successfully switch between german and other 
> languages easily as many times as i want.
> Could you please try with priority = low typing some letters in the 
> mainmenu, so that the search box pops up, after choosing a keymap ?

Ah, the problem is another one, but not g-i related, problem
also exists in newt frontend:

I started installation with "install" aka default priority.
When I then decide to choose the language afterwards, the
dialog for choosing the keyboard layout doesn't appear
automatically, only the ones for language, country, locale
and additional locales.
After the last one of those it jumps directly to network
configuration, where I stopped before.

So no problem for you here.



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