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Re: IMPORTANT: Significant changes to CD/DVD build setup

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 03:27:03PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
>On Thursday 23 November 2006 14:58, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>  2) dinstall and the mirror pulse are now happening twice daily, which
>>     means we will get two daily build runs. *Right* now the second
>>     daily build will automatically overwrite the first each day, but
>>     I'm going to change the scripts on farbror and bla to keep both,
>>     as <date>-1 and <date>-2. The arch-latest links will still be kept
>>     up-to-date to keep external links pointing at the latest build.
>I'm not so sure that having two builds is really that good an idea. In 
>almost all cases the images will be virtually identical, especially with 
>regard to d-i. And as we're only talking about small images, the number 
>of debs included is relatively small.
>However, if there are problems with an image, having new images created so 
>quickly may cause confusion when trying to reproduce a problem: when we 
>download an image ourselves the chance will be much bigger that it won't 
>be the same image.
>If there is mirror space to spare, I'd much rather have the previous day's 
>images available than having two sets from the same day.

There should be plenty of space to keep 6 sets rather than the current
3, so I've changed the setup to do that. Alternatively, if you only
want one set built per day that's also entirely possible. You'll just
need to let me know which of the 2 possible builds you want. :-)

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