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Bug#399053: post install error

On Friday 17 November 2006 12:33, Joao Eugenio Marynowski wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> ...
> After install it broken at recongnize the hd SATA printing:
> ata1: handling error/timeout
> ata1: port reset, p_is 0 is 0 pis 0 cmd 47048007 tf 7f ss 0 se 0
> ata1: status=0x50 {DriveReady SeekComplete}
> sda: Current: sense key: No Sense
> Additional sense: No additional sense information
> ...

To be honest, this looks like a hardware problem rather than an 
installation issue.
Especially as the same kernel kernel version was used for the installation 
and the installed system (although probably not the same kernel flavor: 
the installer uses the -486 flavor while I suspect the -686 flavor was 
installed for the new system).


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