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Re: Bug#224641: [Patch] fixup serial support for grub for etch d-i

"Alex Owen" <r.alex.owen@gmail.com> writes:

> Her is an updated (but untested) patch against the d-i/trunk to fix
> serial support for grub-installer.
> Please note that the "${CONSOLE}" has been moved to after the "--" so
> that  it is caught as a user param. This saves special casing in the
> install-grub script (which was the fix in my last revision of the
> patch).
> Regards
> Alex Owen
> Index: installer/build/boot/x86/syslinux.cfg
> ===================================================================
> --- installer/build/boot/x86/syslinux.cfg	(revision 42805)
> +++ installer/build/boot/x86/syslinux.cfg	(working copy)

Your patch looks good to me but it miss the syslinux.cfg_withgtk
right? Could you do it there too?

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