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Re: r42623 - in trunk/packages/rootskel: debian src-bootfloppy src-bootfloppy/bin

On Wednesday 22 November 2006 13:01, maximilian attems wrote:
> hmm that are not much,
> i see no fstype in there, no ipconfig, no nfsmount..
> i guess it would make sense to have an seperate boot floppy udeb,
> i'll catch the linux-headers -3 abi and then will add the new udeb.


We'll still need to hack from Sylvain to copy these binaries (and their 
libs) into rootskel while there is no cpio included in that udeb though.
Otherwise every klibc upload will break floppy installations because the 
cpio in rootskel will no longer work with the newer libs.

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